Pasture Horse Boarding in Arizona

We have multiple properties that offer pasture horse boarding.  Horses are free to roam open pasture land in Camp Verde Arizona


Monti Ranch

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Equine Services was formerly located at Rockin River Ranch, and has now relocated to three different ranches.

Monti ranch is 40 irrigated acres located on the Verde River. This is perfect for retired horses, with many large trees along the river for shade. There is also a small barn and pens for overnight boarding and a bunkhouse if you would like to stay the weekend to be with your horse. Monti Ranch is located within riding distance of two national forest trailheads , or you can ride across the street on your own into hundreds of acres of beautiful trails on Prescott National Forest.


Medicine Man Ranch

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This ranch has 15 beautifully irrigated acres and is well fenced. This is where the majority of the breeding takes place and is set up for mares, babies, yearlings and two-year-olds. This property has a barn mare motel, tack room and round pen.


Appaloosa Road Ranches

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Appaloosa Road Ranches.  This horse ranch is located on 10 irrigated acres with 60+ pecan trees next to our home. The area is extremely shady and we cater to the problem horse or very old horse with special needs. There are five acres of open pasture and the other five are divided into smaller pastures for more individual needs. We have several riding horses boarded here as well because of the beautiful trails on the Prescott National Forest located just west of the property.


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