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Arizona Horse Boarding. Pasture board for retirees, layups, weanling, yearlings, mares and foals.


Services Offered by Equine Services in Camp Verde Arizona

Horse Pasture Boarding in Camp Verde Arizona


Reproduction and Foaling Services

Horse Post Vet Services and Horse Rehab



Equine Services offers many services including pasture boarding, equine reproduction, foaling services and post vet care and rehab services.

Pasture Boarding
We offer pasture horse boarding in Northern AZ. Give your retired horse a well-deserved retirement in beautiful pastures. With a natural herd setting, your horse will enjoy year round pasture board with large trees for shade (life sustaining pasture within season).

Lay ups, seasonal pasture board, get your horse out of the heat in the summer and cold in the winter in Camp Verde, with almost perfect weather all year around.

Availabilities:   Overnight boarding, large pens with shade, barn, tack room and a guest house for overnight stays while you board your horse.


Equine Reproduction and Foaling Services
Artificial insemination, mare care, foaling and halter breaking.  Mares and foals can grow naturally in pasture with other mares and foals the way nature intended. This provides babies a chance to avoid cooped up bad habits and allows for socialization.   We have the highest quality of professionalism and care for you and your horses.


Horse Post Vet Services and Horse Rehab
Post - vet services and rehab work with either our local veterinarian or your own personal vet can provide treatment for wounds, injury, illness, lameness and other physical problems following veterinary diagnosis and recommendation. Horses can heal while in a therapeutic natural setting (local veterinary and ferrier services are available).


Horse Pasture Boarding at 3 Beautiful Properties

Monti Ranch Property


Medicine Man Ranch

Appaloosa Road Ranches


Equine Services in Camp Verde Arizona previously operated at Rockin River Ranch and now has three locations including Monti Ranch, Appaloosa Road Ranches and Medicine Man Ranch.
These 3 locations offer a wide range of pasture options.


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